Half Bottle Wine

Our Wines

it’s what’s inside that counts.

we’re relaxed about how we drink, and particular about what we drink.

when it comes comes to the quality of our wine, we’re uncompromising.  because while cans are fun (and we’ll admit, pragmatic), it’s what’s inside that counts.


now available

2017 Sparkling White

dry Riesling, Washington state

bright, crisp and refreshing

notes of green apple with a bit of sparkle


2017 Rosé

Syrah Sangiovese, Washington State

delicate floral Rosé

subtle notes of summer berries with a dry finish



Merlot, Washington State

blended with real Grapefruit, Lime and a pinch of cane sugar

Washington wine meets Florida fruit for a sangria made with the wine drinker in mind.